History, Status and Present Distribution of Moose in Nova Scotia - 1995

by: Mark D. Pulsifer
Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables
R.R. #7 Beech Hill, Antigonish, NS
B2G 2L4
and Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Renewables
136 Exhibition Street, Kentville, NS
B4N 4E5
Murray W. Lankester
H.R. (Tim) Timmermann

A brief history of moose distribution and hunting in Nova Scotia from first European contact to 1995 in presented. At present, the distribution of moose on mainland Nova Scotia is similar to distributions during the 1960's, although densities are much reduced. Winter aerial surveys indicate a decrease from 0.49 moose/km in 1968 to 0.08 moose/km in 1994 for traditional moose ranges in the northern mainland. Preliminary aerial surveys in 1993 of the southwestern (Tobeatic) region of the province suggest densities may reach 0.35 moose/km². Densities on the western Cape Breton Island for 1993 range from 0.98 moose/km² in the south to 2.80 moose/km² in the north. Associations with deer, current forest management practices, hunting and predation are discussed as possible causes for changes in population levels and distribution. Management implications are discussed.

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