Mission of the Wildlife Branch

Promote and implement the principles and ethics of conservation and sustainable use of wildlife populations, habitats and ecosystems in Nova Scotia.


  • Conserve the diversity of wildlife species and the integrity of habitats upon which wildlife depend.
  • Ensure that all uses of wildlife are sustainable.
  • Ensure that planning, decision-making and management action involving wildlife species and habitats are based on the best scientific and traditional knowledge available.
  • Provide equitable opportunities for Nova Scotians to use and to share the benefits afforded by wildlife species.


  • Inventory and monitor the extent and quality of wildlife populations and habitats in Nova Scotia.
  • Strive to attain the recovery of endangered or threatened wildlife species and habitats in Nova Scotia.
  • Provide current scientific and traditional information on wildlife species and habitats for sound planning, conflict resolution, decision-making and management action.
  • Ensure conservation and sustainable use of wildlife through the development and implementation of appropriate policies, regulations and guidelines.
  • Provide and enforce conservation oriented legislation which allows for the sustainable and equitable use of wildlife, as well as for the safety of people.
  • Promote conservation and sustainable and ethical use of wildlife through education programs which permit the public to make informed decisions about wildlife issues.
  • Consult with the public and other stakeholders on wildlife issues.
  • Advance stewardship of wildlife habitat and species on private and corporate lands through incentives, voluntary agreements, easements and other appropriate means.
  • Establish Wildlife Management Areas or other appropriate designations for the protection of important wildlife habitat or the conservation of wildlife populations.
  • Conduct applied research where and when it is necessary to provide scientific information necessary for the management of wildlife and wildlife habitat in Nova Scotia.
  • Coordinate wildlife programs within the department, and with other departments and other governments, to promote high standards and improve efficiency.
  • Establish partnerships with industry, universities and colleges, NGO's and other agencies to better achieve our wildlife goals.