Don't Move Firewood

Planning to bring your own firewood? Information you should know

don't move firewoodIt might seem innocent enough, but moving firewood has the potential to destroy thousands of trees. Moving firewood is a common way for insects and diseases to spread into our forests and urban trees. Pests can live in it, on it, or under the bark of firewood. Moving firewood gives these hitchhikers a free ride!

Help protect our trees by preventing the spread of invasive insects and diseases:

  • Don’t bring firewood
  • Buy it where you burn it
  • Leave un-used firewood

• Why should we NOT move firewood?
• What are the regulations for the movement of firewood?
• What insects or diseases have been spread by the movement of firewood?
• What is considered locally harvested firewood? Where should I purchase my firewood?
• What types of insects and diseases could be in my firewood?
• Is my firewood okay to move if I don’t see any signs of insects (e.g. exit holes, sawdust, galleries) or diseases (e.g. fungus)?
• What if I burn all the firewood that I bring?
• Camping or heading to the cottage — Is it okay to take the wood from the tree you cut in the backyard?
• Is kiln dried firewood okay to move?
• Where is there additional information on the Don’t Move Firewood campaign?

Download the Provincial brochure.

Don't Move Firewood Rack Card