What to do if a wildfire happens

The best defence against wildfire is to take precautions in advance. FireSmart offers information on how to reduce the risk of losing your home to wildfire. Please contact us for more information.

If a wildfire is threatening your home:

  • call 1-800-565-2224 or 911 to report the wildfire
  • prepare to evacuate family and pets to a safe location
  • pack essentials and valuables into your car
  • back car into garage (if you have one), close garage door and leave keys in the ignition
  • close all windows and doors, including inside doors
  • take down light drapes, close other curtains and move furniture away from windows
  • move all combustible materials (lawn furniture, firewood) away from your house
  • fill containers with water to fight the fire
  • put a ladder against the front of the house
  • turn off gas at the meter or propane tank
  • turn on porch and other outside lights
  • if you have a combustible roof, wet it down with the garden hose or putt lawn sprinklers on it
  • after you have done everything on your checklist and the fire is close, it is time to evacuate