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• Nocturnal; most active and vocal at night
• High-pitched yelps, barks, and howls
• Normally shy of people

• Almost anywhere in Nova Scotia; year-round
• Territory ranges from 24 to 48 km² (9 to 18 sq. mi.)

• Average size of 15 kg (34 lbs)
• Males can reach more than 23 kg (50 lbs)
• Tawny, grey, or black fur with long black guard hairs; thick fur makes them look large
• Muzzle, throat, legs, and belly colour ranges from yellowish to white

Mating/Raising Young
• Mate from January to March
• Five to seven pups born between April and May

• Carnivores, but will eat anything available including:
  -small mammals, rodents, and snowshoe hare
  -carrion (decaying carcasses)
  -berries and fallen tree fruit
  -garbage and compost
  -deer, fawns, sheep, and lambs
  -feral and pet cats, dogs
• Usually hunt alone or in pairs, occasionally in small family groups

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