When Beavers Become a Nuisance - Positive Aspects & Department Assistance

It is the landowner's responsibility to prevent damage caused by beaver. Any disturbance to a beaver dam/lodge or killing of beaver may be done only with a proper permit. This can be issued after all other preventive steps have failed. The Department of Natural Resources and Renewables will assist the landowner by providing information and advice, lending equipment (when available), and in some cases participating in preventive or control measures. If control becomes necessary there are a number of recommended techniques.

Positive Aspects of Beaver

Consider the positive aspects of beaver before removing them or destroying dams:

  1. Beaver dams stabilize stream flows and act as sediment traps.
  2. Flooded areas are sources of water during drought conditions, when a "fire" pond might be needed.
  3. Flooded areas are productive habitat for many species of wildlife.
  4. Beaver ponds are important recreational and educational locations.
  5. Beaver ponds are esthetically pleasing places in which a great variety of wildlife activity can be observed - even within a small urban setting.
  6. They provide a source of income to local trappers.
Please contact your local Department of Natural Resources and Renewables office for additional information.

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