Harvest Connection Program

Harvest Connection allows eligible Income Assistance recipients to keep up to $3,000 of income earned from working in the seasonal harvesting of field produced crops like berries, vegetables and apples and the harvesting of Christmas trees.

Your family may earn up to a maximum of $3,000 per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31 of the following year) without having these earnings affect your basic income assistance payments.


You must have been receiving income assistance for at least six months to be eligible to participate in this program.

Most people will be able to change their Employment Action Plans so they can participate in Harvest Connection. However, if the department has already paid for you to attend a program or workshop, you must complete the program before participating.

If your program allows for a temporary leave, you may be eligible for Harvest Connection. Please speak with your caseworker.

Working in Harvest Connection is not part of your Employment Action Plan but your caseworker will need to approve your participation in this program. You must tell your caseworker as soon as you have finished working in the harvest.

Next steps

Please contact your caseworker or your Employment Support Services Caseworker  to determine eligibility.

If you are not yet an Income Assistance client, see our information on How to Apply.