How to Appeal a Decision About Your Income Assistance

If you have applied in writing for or are receiving assistance under the Employment Support and Income Assistance Act or the Social Assistance Act, you may appeal any decision related to your application or the amount of your assistance.

Administrative issues cannot be appealed. For example, you cannot appeal to have your caseworker changed.

You must request an appeal within 30 business days of the date you received notice of the department’s decision about your assistance. If you want to appeal, here is what you must do:

  1. Fill out the appeal form which is part of our downloadable appeals form OR write a letter. If you write a letter, please include your name, address, telephone number, health card number, and the name of your caseworker. Describe why you are requesting a review of the decision. If you have already received a decision review, please describe why you are requesting an appeal hearing.
  2. Take your appeal form or letter to any office of the Department of Community Services or sent it by mail to your local Community Services office.

What happens next

The first step in the appeal process is an administrative review. This is done by a local supervisor who was not involved in the original decision you are appealing. Within 10 business days this supervisor must let you know if the original decision should stay the same, should be changed completely or changed a little bit.

The supervisor’s decision will be based on the information you have provided the department and on the Employment Support and Income Assistance Act.

If you are unhappy with the results of the administrative review, you can request an appeal hearing.

Learn more about appeal hearings.