Basic Needs Assistance

Standard Household Rate

If you need help with your basic needs, you can get an allowance called a Standard Household Rate. The amount you get depends on the number of people in your family and your living situation.

The Standard Household Rate is for basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, fuel, utilities, and personal items. You may also get help for any special needs you have. The amount you get is based on your situation.

There are three different types of Standard Household Rates. Learn more about them here:

Other Basic Needs Supports
You may be able to get more help for basic needs if:

  • You have dependents between the ages 18 – 20 living with you
  • You or your family member have a physical disability or terminal illness and need help with barrier-free access to, from or within your home

Standard Household Rate – Rent/Own or Board

If you board, rent a place to live, or own a home, you will get the Standard Household Rate – Rent/Own or Board as shown in the below table. 

Household Composition Standard Household Rate (Monthly)
Recipient Dependent Child/Student Family Member Rent/Own Board
1 0 $686 $608
1 1 $962 $627
1 2 or more $1,013 $668
2 0 $1,342 $1,008
2 1 or more $1,393 $1,049

Standard Household Rate – Enhanced

If you are an eligible single recipient who rents a place to live or owns a home, and you either:

  • a disability or a chronic mental, cognitive or physical condition that limits participation in employment services,
  • are age 55 or older,                        
  • are age 16 to 18 (inclusive), or
  • are fleeing an abusive situation,

you will get the Enhanced Standard Household Rate of $950 per month.

Standard Household Rate – Essentials

If you do not:

  • board,
  • rent a place to live, or
  • own a home,

Are temporarily in a:

  • homeless shelter,
  • transition house,
  • hospital,
  • rehabilitation program, or
  • unsheltered or without a fixed address

You will get the Standard Household Rate – Essentials of $380 per month. Each adult and/or dependent child aged 18 to 20 in the family will receive this rate.

For more information:

If you have any questions, please contact your caseworker or visit a Community Services office.