Money from other sources

To get Income Assistance, you must tell us about any money you have. While you are on Income Assistance, you must also tell us about any other money you get. Some types of income are considered to be chargeable and get deducted from your assistance. Other types of income are exempt and so do not affect the amount of assistance you get.

Some examples of income that are chargeable include:

  • Canada Pension Plan benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Employment Insurance
  • insurance settlements
  • spousal support payments
  • income from employment
  • inheritance

Some examples of chargeable income that will not affect your assistance are:

  • Canada Child Benefit
  • Nova Scotia Child Benefit
  • Federal Child Disability Credit
  • Child support payments
  • Poverty Reduction Credit
  • Goods and Services Tax Credit (GST)

More information

To learn more, contact your caseworker or call 1-877-424-117. If you are not yet an Income Assistance client, see our information on How to Apply.