Prescription Drug Coverage (Pharmacare)

The Department of Community Services provides prescription drug coverage (Pharmacare) to:

  • Employment Support and Income Assistance clients (including Extended Pharmacare and Transitional Pharmacare clients)
  • Disability Support Program participants
  • Children in the care of child welfare through either a district office of the Department of Community Services or a Children's Aid Society/Family and Children's Services agency
  • Low Income Pharmacare for Children clients

To use your Pharmacare benefits, you must:

  • Have a Nova Scotia Health Card.
  • Show your health card to the pharmacist

If your health card is expired or you need a new one, visit Nova Scotia Health Card webpage or call 1-800-563-8880.

Visit Nova Scotia Pharmacare for more information on Pharmacare benefits.

Next steps

If you have any questions, please contact your caseworker to determine eligibility or call 1-877-424-1177.

If you are not yet an Income Assistance client, see our information on How to Apply.