Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI)

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Nova Scotia's Health Insurance Programs are designed to provide eligible residents with coverage for medically required hospital, medical, dental and optometric services with some restrictions. Visitors to Nova Scotia are not considered eligible residents and are not eligible for coverage.

The Medical Services Insurance Programs are administered by Medavie Blue Cross on behalf of the Nova Scotia government. The Department of Health and Wellness provides policy direction for the programs. The Hospital Insurance Program is administered directly by the Department of Health and Wellness. The cost of providing these services to Nova Scotians is met through the general revenues of the province. You pay no premiums.

Please carry your signed Nova Scotia Health Card with you at all times. You must present it to the physician and/or hospital each time you need insured hospital or physician services.

This website is designed to provide Nova Scotians with general information on the features and benefits of Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance. Changes may be made from time to time.