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Relationship Development for Workplace Leaders (RDWL)

RDWL is our flagship program and it’s a prerequisite for all of our workshops. It combines 2-3 modules for a day-long, off-site workshop for management, supervisors, union executive, and stewards. These key players in the labour-management relationship spend the day learning, practicing, and building skills together. Traditionally, this program includes the Communications, and Collective Agreement Fundamentals modules but CMS can work with clients to determine what modules best meet the needs of your team.

Civility in the Workplace

Small, uncivil actions in the workplace can lead to much larger issues if they are left unchecked. This three-hour workshop will discuss the causes, indicators, and impacts of incivility, explore differing values and perceptions around the concept, and provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on their own impact on workplace dynamics. Finally, it will provide tools and knowledge to union leaders, managers, and employees so they can enhance civility in their workplace.

Collective Agreement Fundamentals

Collective agreements can seem like daunting, legal documents. This three-hour workshop discusses the fundamentals of collective agreements: what rights, restrictions and responsibilities managers and employees have under collective agreements, where flexibility is allowed, and the impact of past practice. It discusses different ways of solving issues, and what to avoid. This course discusses collective agreements in general. It does not discuss any specific collective agreements or provide interpretation of your agreement.

Communications: Back to Basics

Our Communications workshop is a great refresher course. The content is rated as beginner and it can be completed in three hours. It focuses on the communications process, barriers and best practices related to that process, and the impact of technology. It provides tips for improving communications including exercises on paraphrasing, reframing, and 'I' statements.

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict is all around us. It impacts many workplaces and labour-management relationships negatively when it is not managed effectively. This half-day workshop explores the definition of and types of conflict, the causes of conflict and the costs and potential benefits of conflict. You will identify your conflict management style and learn tools for managing and resolving conflict. You will leave this workshop with new knowledge and skills to help minimize the negative impacts of conflict in the workplace and harness its power for positive change.

Consensus Decision-Making (CDM)

Consensus Decision-Making is an important workplace skill. It can improve decisions, committee performance, and relationships. This three-hour module provides an overview of CDM, some possible processes, steps, and models, and ample time for application and practice.

Labour Management Committee (LMC) Best Practices Workshop

Many workplaces have Labour-Management Committees (LMCs), or other committees with joint participation. When operating at their full capacity, these committees can provide a valuable forum for sharing information, discussing issues, and solving workplace problems. This half-day workshop will cover best practices that can help your LMC unlock it's potential.

Labour Relations Fundamentals

This workshop is specially designed for leaders on both sides of the table in newly unionized workplaces. It is also a great fit for anyone looking for a refresher on the fundamentals of labour relations, including collective bargaining duties, processes, and legislation, grievance handling, problem-solving, and relevant terminology.

Mediation and Other Neutral Processes

This workshop explores mediation and other neutral processes, what are they and why they are an important tool for resolving conflicts. When developed and executed correctly, they can have immense benefits for workplaces This workshop discusses the pillars and benefits of neutral processes and examples of resolutions that can be reached through mediation.

Customized Training

If your workplace group has specific training needs that can help enhance workplace relationships, we want to help. We work with both parties to develop custom sessions whenever time allows.




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