List of Licensed Recruiters

  • Recruiters of foreign workers must hold a recruiter licence from Labour Standards to provide recruitment services. Note: employers who do their own recruitment work do not need a recruiter licence, however they will need an employer registration certificate from Labour Standards.
  • Employers who want to use a foreign worker recruiter must use a licensed recruiter.
  • Recruiters and employers cannot charge a worker, directly or indirectly, fees for assisting in finding the worker employment. This rule applies to all workers (i.e., both foreign workers and workers who are not foreign workers).
  • Recruiters and employers must keep and maintain records relating to the recruitment of foreign workers for at least three years after the records are made.


Below is a list of licensed recruiters in Nova Scotia. These are the only recruiters who are allowed to recruit foreign workers for employers in Nova Scotia. Please contact Labour Standards if you have questions.


Paul Villeneuve, ICCRC
NewTown Immigration Inc.
(902) 292-4992

Licence expires on July 25, 2019

Elizabeth Wozniak, Barrister and Solicitor
North Star Immigration Law Inc.
(902) 446-4747

Licence expires on 30 July 2019

Rosalie Sulit, ICCRC
Pro-Care Immigration Consulting Inc.
(905) 565-1908

Licence expires on January 10, 2020

Nicole E. Druckman, Barrister and Solicitor
Delehanty Rinzler Druckman
(506) 857-3031


Licence expires on January 10, 2020

Kael Campbell, RCIC
Red Seal Recruiting Solutions Ltd.
(250) 483-5954


Licence expires on 6 August 2017

Focal HR – Recruitment and Immigration Services
(844) 367-3797


Licence expires on 6 October 2017

Subhash Punia, ICCRC
Atlantic Jobs Limited
(902) 362-2202
Fax: (905) 362-2201

Licence expires on 7 January 2018

Effective June 1, 2016 conditions have been attached to this licence:

  • before entering into a recruitment contract with any employer, this recruiter must provide the Labour Standards Division with:
    • the name of the employer,
    • the name of the employer representative,
    • the number of employees sought and the nature of the employment positions to be filled,
    • a list of the proposed recruitment services that are to be performed and the names of each licensed recruiter who will perform those services,
    • a list of all other activities that will be performed in association with the recruitment contract and the names of the employees or subcontractors who will perform those services;
  • before entering into a recruitment contract with any employer, this recruiter must provide the employer with a copy of their licence and conditions, and the Labour Standards Division with a statutory declaration indicating that a copy of their licence and licence conditions have been provided to the employer;
  • all recruitment contracts with employers must be in writing; and
  • the corporation under which this recruiter provides recruitment services, Atlantic Jobs Limited, must be registered to do business in Nova Scotia, pursuant to the Corporations Registration Act, and this recruiter must, at all times during the currency of this licence, maintain the registration of the corporation in good standing.”

Ethan Kim, Barrister and Solicitor
Burnside Law Group Limited
Phone: (902) 468-3066
Fax: (905) 468-4803


Licence expires on 21 March 2019

Michael Wilson ICCRC
UK 2 Nova Scotia
01144 7719 008923 (UK)
Skype: canadaimmigrationsolutions


Licence expires on 7 April 2019


Updated: April-21-17

Labour Standards has the authority to suspend or cancel a recruiter licence so please consult this page regularly.