Licensed foreign worker recruiters

Foreign worker recruiters are individuals who help foreign workers try to find a job in Nova Scotia or help employers find foreign workers for employment in Nova Scotia. Foreign worker recruiters need a valid Foreign Worker Recruiter Licence from the Labour Standards Division unless an exemption applies.

Contact Labour Standards if you have any questions about individuals with a valid Foreign Worker Recruiter Licence in Nova Scotia.

Licensee Name Business Name Location Expiry Date Licence Conditions
Adeshola Awodele   Ontario August 2, 2025 PDF No
Alireza Dorostkar Dorostkar Immigration Services Inc. cob as Atlantic Star Immigration Nova Scotia June 23, 2025 PDF Yes
Amardeep (Andy) Singh Ontario August 24, 2025 PDF Yes
Amelia Ajoc Kap Unity Canada Nova Scotia February 27, 2025 PDF Yes
Andrew VanSlyke Ontario August 9, 2023 PDF No
Carman Gosselin OnSpec Solutions Inc./GetToCanada Immigration Solutions Inc Saskatchewan June 17, 2024 PDF No
Carrie Zhao  Mbridge Resources Inc. Ontario March 3, 2023 PDF No
Cartier Rose The Big Picture Strategic Migration Inc. Ontario January 21, 2024 PDF No
Catarina Oey Catarina Oey Consulting British Columbia  March 7, 2025 PDF No
Chin-Ping Nien Nien International Consulting Nova Scotia September 14, 2025 PDF No
Danie Porelle DAL Immigration Consulting Ltd. New Brunswick June 21, 2025 PDF No
Daniel Billard Gyre Immigration Ltd. Nova Scotia August 25, 2024 PDF No
Daria Coneghan  Reach International Recruitment & Immigration Inc. Saskatchewan July 18, 2024 PDF No
Dennis T Mercado Peregrine Immigration Representatives Nova Scotia October 14, 2024 PDF No
Emma Jean Flynn Irving Shipbuilding Inc. Nova Scotia June 22, 2025 PDF Yes
Ethan Kim Ethan Kim & Associates  Nova Scotia May 3, 2025 PDF No
Eva Osorio Nieto Global Proficio Inc. Nova Scotia April 26, 2025 PDF No
Fei Yang RTC International Consulting Inc. British Columbia May 18, 2025 PDF Yes
Galo Castillo Workvantage International Workforce Solutions Inc. Ontario March 21, 2024 PDF No
Ghislain Noël  Noël & Associates - Immigration Division New Brunswick June 10, 2024 PDF No
Harry Handa World Beyond Boundaries Inc. Ontario January 25, 2025 PDF No
Helene Watson Destination Canada Immigration Services Inc. Nova Scotia June 23, 2025 PDF No
Hemlata Punj Emigrance Consulting & Immigration Inc. Nova Scotia April 2, 2023 PDF No
Homa Saxena Career Canada Immigration Services Inc. Ontario July 18, 2024 PDF No
Huan Xu Tantu Immigration Inc. Quebec September 26, 2024 PDF No
Ian James Wood IJW Immigration Solutions Inc. New Brunswick February 1, 2025 PDF No
Igor Yushchenko IY Law Firm Nova Scotia May 31, 2024 PDF No
Iman Zare Moayedi Mana Jobs Inc. Ontario August 9, 2025 PDF Yes
Jacobus (Cobus) Kriek Matrixvisa Inc. Nova Scotia April 19, 2025 PDF Yes
James S Kang H & G Immigration Consulting Ltd. Alberta February 23, 2025 PDF Yes
Jinsuk (Darren) Jeong Atlantic Summit Immigration Consulting Inc. Nova Scotia October 21, 2022 PDF No
John Paul Go Easy Immigration Nova Scotia June 27, 2025 PDF Yes
Joy Stephen The Student Herald Nova Scotia January 28, 2024 PDF No
Katie Enman Shoreline Recruitment & Consulting Incorporated Nova Scotia June 21, 2025 PDF No
Khurram Ashraf (Amir)  The Immigration Depot Inc. Saskatchewan January 14, 2023 PDF No
Kotaro Yaguchi  Canadian Standard Immigration Group Inc. British Columbia  August 9, 2023 PDF No
Longzhen (Jenny) Lin  Springwind Immigration Consulting Services Inc. Ontario January 28, 2024 PDF No
Male (Daisy) Dong All-Lane Immigration Ltd. Nova Scotia January 16, 2025 PDF Yes
Manpreet Goraya Skyshot Immigration Services Inc Nova Scotia September 11, 2025 PDF No
Manu Datta Atlantic Labour Resource Management Inc. Ontario November 25, 2024 PDF No
Manuela Gruber Hersch  International Nannies and Homecare Ltd. British Columbia  April 12, 2025 PDF Yes
McFarlane (Marc) Njoh Cradle Partners Consulting Nova Scotia October 14, 2024 PDF No
Michael Lieffers International Movement of People Consulting Inc. cob as IMP Canada Saskatchewan January 24, 2024 PDF No
Muhammad Awais Canadian Dream Immigration, Study & Visa Services New Brunswick July 21, 2024 PDF No
Nayoun Chun Donghang Immigration Ltd. Nova Scotia January 17, 2025 PDF No
Nicole E Druckman Nicole E. Druckman P.C. Inc. New Brunswick March 3, 2023 PDF No
Nivin Nabeel  Five Stars Immigration Consultants Nova Scotia January 1, 2023 PDF No
Omar Reda Mohamed Tageldin Abdellatif  Health Association Nova Scotia Nova Scotia March 6, 2025 PDF Yes
Paul Villeneuve NewTown Immigration Inc. Nova Scotia This provisional licence expires once a determination is made on Paul Villeneuve’s renewal application. PDF No
Peter Ratnam RR Canadian Immigration Consultancy Services British Columbia  August 11, 2023 PDF No
Pranav Kumar Shah  Parry Immigration Solutions Inc. Ontario March 24, 2024 PDF No
Quang Tuy Dinh Sky River Immigration Services Corporation New Brunswick April 19, 2025 PDF Yes
Rajan Chugh Nova World Immigration Services Incorporated Ontario August 23, 2024 PDF No
Rajwinder Singh 1129353 BC Ltd British Columbia  February 15, 2025 PDF No
Ram Babbar  P&R Immigration and Recruitment Inc. (NS) Ontario December 19, 2022 PDF No
Rej Pagal  PGL Recruitment Services Alberta June 10, 2024 PDF No
Rageiy El-Hamarnah HG Immigration Ltd. Ontario May 18, 2025 PDF Yes
Rosalie Sulit Pro-Care Immigration Consulting Inc. Ontario June 22, 2023 PDF No
Shimei Ma Getchance Immigration Consulting Inc. Nova Scotia March 21, 2025 PDF No
Soalwin J Kallingal  Lionsher Canada Immigration Inc. British Columbia  January 15, 2023 PDF No
Sourabh Kohli  Study Work & Immigrate Consultants Inc. Ontario July 11, 2024 PDF No
Stevo Petkovic  Alberta January 3, 2024 PDF No
Subhash (Sam) Punia Atlantic Jobs Limited Ontario August 24, 2025 PDF Yes
Svetlana Demb Ontario January 14, 2023 PDF No
Warren Green Ltd. Alberta June 9, 2024 PDF No
Wisdom Akpokighe Dow Immigration Consulting Services Ltd. Nova Scotia September 22, 2024 PDF No
Xu Bai  Golden Harvest Developments Ltd. New Brunswick July 11, 2024 PDF No
Yi Liu  Lead Immigration Ltd. Nova Scotia December 2, 2022 PDF No
Yue Xiao  Joyplus Immigration Consulting Inc. Nova Scotia February 28, 2025 PDF Yes
Zhe Tang Uninova Canada Immigration and Education Services Inc. Nova Scotia May 8, 2025 PDF Yes

Updated: September 27, 2022

Labour Standards has the authority to suspend or cancel a recruiter licence at any time.