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Register as a Buyers Annual Report FOR 2001- 1

Registry of Buyers - Report on Primary Forest Products Acquired and Business Summaries

Report FOR 2001-1

This summary is published annually to report the statistical information related to the purchase of primary forest products, forest harvesting, and the production of secondary forest products in Nova Scotia. This information is collected from companies and individuals involved in the forest sector who acquire primary forest products.


The total provincial harvest for 2000 is reported to be 6 471 675 cubic metres of solid wood. Approximately 87%, or 5 644 290 cubic metres, were softwood species. The total volume of wood exported was reported to be 1 527 073 cubic metres or 24% of the total harvest.

The provincial harvest for 2000 shows an increase of 5% over 1999 harvest of 6 163 710 cubic metres. Exported wood increased by 33% when compared to the 1999 figure of 1 027 250 cubic metres.

Statistical returns were received from 390 Registered Buyers. Data was estimated for 14 non-compliant buyers, for a total of 404 Registered Buyers. of the 404 buyers, 314 were reported to be active in the 2000 calendar year.

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Registry of Buyers
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  Summary of Business Types
  Provincial Harvest Summaries
  Nova Scotia Wood Acquistion Businesses Summaries
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Wood Acquisition Plan Program Summary

2000 Annual Report (Registry of Buyers - Report on Primary Forest Products Acquired and Business Summaries Report 2000-4)