Forestry Staff Directory

Administration and Support Services

Name Position Description Phone Number
vacant Director 902-893-5673
Lennerton, Faye Financial Services Officer 902-893-5671
Roberts, Patricia Clerk 902-893-6253
Sullivan, Ann Computer Serv. Officer 902-893-5688

Research & Planning
Name Position Description Phone Number
Stewart, Bruce Manager 902-893-5684
Arseneau, Dave  Forest Technician 902-893-5698
Bush, Peter Forester 902-893-5667
Keys, Kevin Forester 902-893-5687
Neily, Peter Senior Forester 902-893-5692
Quigley, Eugene  Forest Technician 902-893-5677
Steeves, Dave Forester 902-893-5685

Management Planning
Name Position Description Phone Number
McIntyre, Ryan Manager
Hudson, Mark  Resource Analyst 902-893-5713
McGrath, Tim Senior Forester 902-893-5683
Murray, Bob Forest Technician 902-893-5678
Kent, Jane Forester 902-893-5681
O’Keefe, Rob Senior Resource Analyst 902-893-5696
Rushton, Troy Forest Technician 902-893-5672
vacant Resource Analyst  902-893-5715

Forest Inventory
Name Position Description Phone Number
Bailey, Chris Manager 902-893-5689
Brandstad, Kyla GIS Specialist 902-893-5661
Brothers, Colleen Computer Services Officer 902-893-5718
Bruce, James   Supervisor, GIS 902-893-5762
Chisholm, Sandy Supervisor, Forest Inventory 902-893-5682
Cormier, Kevin GIS Specialist 902-893-5655
Fraser, Catherine GIS Specialist 902-893-5655
Jackson, Dave Forest Inventory Technician 902-893-5314
Cavanagh, Ken Photo Interpreter 902-893-5656
MacLeod, Don Forest Inventory Technician 902-893-5648
McGarrigle, Elizabeth Data Analyst 902-893-5636
Rudderham, Cheryl Photo Interpreter  902-893-5717
King, Stephen GIS Specialist 902-893-5659
Sutherland, Aaron Supervisor, Photo Interp. 902-893-5313
Teniere, Rene           GIS Programmer /Analyst 902-893-5712
Tully, Dan GIS Specialist 902-893-5664

Scaling & Registry of Buyers
Name Position Description Phone Number
Hudson, Kevin Manager 902-893-5711
Daye, Aaron  WAP Supervisor 902-893-5663
Melanovich, Susan Computer Services Officer 902-893-5679
Pentz, Kevin Registrar 902-424-5796

Strathlorne Forest Nursery
Name Position Description Phone Number
Gillis, Sean Manager 902-258-2626
Fraser, Frank Nursery Supervisor 902-258-2626
MacArthur, Shirley    Clerk 902-258-2626