Forestry Staff Directory

Administration and Support Services

Name Position Description Phone Number
Chris Bailey Director 902-893-5671
Thibodeau, Jessica Financial Services Officer 902-893-5671
Burke, Yvette Clerk 902-893-6253
Sullivan, Ann Computer Serv. Officer 902-893-5688

Research & Planning
Name Position Description Phone Number
Bush, Peter Manager 902-890-8926
Arseneau, Dave  Forestry Technician 902-893-5698
Bockstette, Jana Site Productivity Forester 902-324-9410
Bockstette, Simon Tree Improvement Forester 902-324-4537
Dooks, Jenna Tree Improvement Specialist 902-324-8017
Butt, Bradley Research and Planning Forester 902-890-8935
Maston, Scott Research and Planning Forester 902-324-8873
Neily, Peter Provincial Forester 902-893-5692
Quigley, Eugene  Forestry Technician 902-893-5677
Woodstra, Emily Landscape Forester Intern 902-893-5671

Management Planning
Name Position Description Phone Number
Power, Sean Manager 902-893-5671
O'Keefe, Rob Supervisor, Resource Analyst 902-893-5671
Ring, Jamie Resource Analyst 902-893-5671
Steenberg, James Resource Analyst 902-893-5671
Hudson, Mark  Resource Analyst 902-893-5671
Kent, Jane Timber Management 902-893-5671
Rushton, Troy Timber Management 902-893-5671
Burrell, John Timber Management 902-893-5671

Forest Inventory
Name Position Description Phone Number
Higgins, Heidi Manager 902-893-6253
Bruce, James   Supervisor, GIS 902-893-6253
Daye, Aaron  Wood Acquisition Plan 902-893-6253
McGarrigle, Elizabeth Provincial Forester, Forest Inventory & Mensuration 902-893-6253

Strathlorne Forest Nursery
Name Position Description Phone Number
Gillis, Sean Manager 902-258-2626
Fraser, Frank Nursery Supervisor 902-258-2626
MacDonald, Stephanie    Clerk 902-258-2626