Project Report: Wildlife Biology Short Courses

Issue/Problem Statement

Appropriately trained personnel are required to carry out an increasing diversity of wildlife monitoring and research activity. Specialized and/or more detailed supplementary training is frequently required for staff to address expanding work requirements.


Provide a training course program to adequately prepare departmental staff to effectively carry out necessary wildlife projects.


Organize and deliver wildlife short courses in cooperation with the Acadia Centre for Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Department of Biology, Acadia University. Courses are designed to meet DNR requirements.


Acadia University, Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry Regional Services, other cooperating agencies as required.

Project Dates and Duration


Progress to Date

Several courses completed on a variety of topics for staff from various department sections and other cooperating agencies/groups. Most recent course, delivered in February 1998, was on wildlife immobilization techniques. Planning is on-going for further courses on other relevant topics.



Management Recommendations

Continue. Training essential to the ability of the Department to address wildlife issues and programs.

Final Report: NA

Completion Dates: NA