Project Report: Coyote Component - Deer Wintering Area Study

Issue/Problem Statement

A need was identified for a better understanding of the interactions between coyote predation, forest habitat manipulation (harvest, etc.) and deer populations in Nova Scotia (part of Nova Scotia Deer Wintering Area Study).


To investigate interaction of deer and coyote populations and effects of forest harvesting activities in different areas of Nova Scotia.


Collect information on coyote movements, hunting behaviour and success, food habits and habitat use through radiotelemetry and snow tracking of coyotes and deer. Collect information on reproductive rate and age structure of the provincial population through provincial carcass collections so that results of the DWA study can be related to the status and dynamics of the provincial coyote and prey species populations.


Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry Regional Services, Canadian Parks Service, Acadia University (ACWCB), University of Saskatchewan, and trappers.

Project Dates and Duration


Progress to Date

BSc. Honours & Ph.D complete, internal reports completed and several scientific papers have been published.


Theses, technical and scientific publications, and various, published in Nature's Resources, Trappers Newsletter and/or other venues, as appropriate.

Management Recommendations

Apply knowledge gained from this work in on-going wildlife management planning in Nova Scotia.

Final Report: All these complete and several scientific papers published.

Completion Dates: Completed