Project Report: Wildlife Export

Issue/Problem Statement

The Wildlife Act requires that all wildlife and their parts exported from the province must have an export permit. In addition, it is desirable to have records of these movements to track usage of certain species.


To provide Wildlife Export Permits and policy for their use in order to provide the legal mechanism for export to occur and to gather annual statistics relative to numbers and parts exported.


Wildlife Export Permits are available at all field offices of DNR. In addition non-resident hunting licenses serve as export permits for species legally harvested under that authority. Copies of export permits are forwarded to the Wildlife Division and data is compiled in electronic format.


Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry Regional Services

Project Dates and Duration

Collections currently suspended, may be re-instituted in future if required for management purposes. Analysis of long term data is continuing. Population status will likely continue to require regular monitoring.

Progress to Date

All year but data is tallied using August 1 to July 31 as an annual cycle.


Computer reports are generated annually and kept on file at the Wildlife Division.

Management Recommendations

Continue, legal requirement and valuable management information.

Final Report: NA

Completion Dates: NA