Project Report: Hungarian Partridge Winter Census

Issue/Problem Statement

Hungarian Partridge were introduced in Nova Scotia and persist at low levels in several areas. Information on population status is required for management planning.


To assess current population status by monitoring of over-wintering flocks in areas where this species occurs.


Conduct winter ground surveys of flocks in areas where this species occurs when snow conditions facilitate spotting of birds.


Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry Regional Services, interested members of public.

Project Dates and Duration

Ongoing. Annually during winter months when appropriate snow cover is available.

Progress to Date

Surveys completed, when possible, in most years since introduction with some irregularities.


Field reports from surveys conducted are forwarded to Wildlife Division. Data is maintained in paper and/or electronic format as appropriate. Reports prepared occasionally or as required for Nature's Resources or technical notes.

Management Recommendations

Continue program to monitor status of this species.

Final Report: NA

Completion Dates: NA