Project Report: Wildlife Immobilization

Issue/Problem Statement

Appropriately trained and equipped personnel are required to carry out immobilization of various wildlife species in research and operational situations. Training sessions must be organized, drugs and equipment acquired and distributed and adequate records be collected and maintained.


Maintain trained and equipped wildlife immobilization teams in regions and at Wildlife Division. Maintain adequate records.


Train and equip immobilization teams in regions and at Wildlife Division, through basic training courses, and on-going information dissemination and refresher courses as required. Acquire necessary drugs and establish and maintain record keeping system.


Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry Regional Services, Canadian Parks Service, Acadia University (ACWCB), Canadian Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians.

Project Dates and Duration


Progress to Date

Trained teams in all regions and at Wildlife Division. Other personnel trained at various locations but not fully equipped.


Immobilization reports compiled and forwarded to Wildlife Division. Raw data and summary tables maintained in paper and/or electronic format.

Management Recommendations

Continue. Service essential to operational and research programs.

Final Report: NA

Completion Dates: NA