Project Report: Lynx Monitoring on the Eskasoni Reserve and Surrounding Areas

Issue/Problem Statement

There is a remnant, disjunct population of lynx on the Eskasoni Reserve and surrounding areas. The Eskasoni Band has requested DNR assistance with the design and conduct of a study of the status of this population.


To assist with the design and implementation of this study to obtain information on the status, of this lynx population.


Liase with Band and provide input on project design, direction and implementation. Details of proposal still in preparation.


Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry Regional Services, Eskasoni Band

Project Dates and Duration

To be determined.

Progress to Date

Some discussion and preliminary meeting held between DNR and Eskasoni Band in 1997. Discussions reactivated in late 2000.


To be determined. Popular and scientific/technical reports may be produced.

Management Recommendations

Continue DNR involvement as both information and cooperative relationship established will be beneficial to management of our lynx population.

Final Report: At completion of project.

Completion Dates: Unknown; proposed project