Project Report: Nuisance Wildlife Coordination

Issue/Problem Statement

Wildlife in conflict with human activities is a continuing problem which has the potential to use a large proportion of government resources available for wildlife management. A consistent approach by all DNR offices is required to address the problem in a manner equitable to all people.


To provide sound advice to Area Offices so that information can be passed on to the private sector experiencing nuisance wildlife problems. To outline consistent policy respecting the division of responsibility between the property owner, DNR and Nuisance Wildlife Operators.


Chair a Nuisance Wildlife Committee which provides policy and regulatory advice to Senior Management in the Department. Track the level of effort of department staff through Wildlife Investigation Reports and of Nuisance Wildlife Operators through their reporting system. Coordinate the production of brochures designed to advise the public of the best ways of dealing with nuisance wildlife problems.


Nuisance Wildlife Operators, and Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry Regional Services.

Project Dates and Duration

All year.

Progress to Date

Several nuisance wildlife brochures printed, or in preparation. Regulations passed in 1993 facilitating the activities of Nuisance Wildlife Operators. New policy generated in 1994 which outlines revised DNR responsibilities.


Annually via internal department reports.

Management Recommendations


Final Report:


Completion Dates: