Wild Turkey Introduction Proposal

The province has decided not to approve the introduction of wild turkeys to Nova Scotia at this time.

"There is no established business in the province dependant upon the introduction of the species here and there are a significant number of organizations which are firmly opposed to this proposal," said Chris d'Entremont, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries on behalf of Richard Hurlburt, Minister of Lands and Forestry. "These factors taken together have convinced us that it is not in the best interest of Nova Scotians to introduce wild turkeys."

In 2001, the Nova Scotia chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation submitted a proposal to the province seeking approval to introduce wild turkeys to the area. Wild turkeys are not native to Nova Scotia.

Since that time, the proposal has been reviewed by staff of both the Department of Lands and Forestry and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and a public consultation has taken place. An independent scientific review has been held, a disease risk assessment has been completed and supplementary information on habitat and weather suitability has been provided. Focus groups were recently held with key interest groups to review information provided since the public consultation sessions.

"We've reviewed the matter carefully and are satisfied that we've come to the correct conclusion based on the current situation," said Mr. d'Entremont. "If, at some point, new information is presented to us to suggest otherwise, we'll revisit the issue."

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