General Status - Related Web Sites

For additional information on the assessment of the General Status of Wild Species within Nova Scotia and across Canada please visit the following sites.

Nova Scotia Endangered Species Act
The Nova Scotia Endangered Species legislation was established in 1999. This is a document on the Nova Scotia legislature's web site.

National General Status
Knowing the status of species established in Canada is essential to ensure that human actions don’t drive species to extinction. We must then determine which species are secure for now, which to keep an eye on, and which need to be assessed in more details and, perhaps, to be protected. At this website, you can download copies of all Wild Species reports. You can also download the databases, or do detailed searches online with the species search tool. You can also browse general information for each species group assessed in Canada.

COSEWIC Background Information
COSEWIC, the Committee on Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada is a body of government, academic and non-government experts that designates species at risk as extinct, extirpated, endangered, threatened or vulnerable. This Environment Canada site describes what COSEWIC is and its role in assessing the level of risk of extinction for Canada's wildlife species.

COSEWIC Species at Risk Search
This Environment Canada site provides a searchable database on all species in Canada. You can search by province, species, and federal COSEWIC risk category.

IUCN Background Information
This World Conservation Network site provides information on the criteria and categories for IUCN red list rankings.