Black Bears Live Near You - Bear Facts

  • Black Bear (Ursus americanus) only bear species in Nova Scotia
  • Average Size: 45 - 200 Kg (100 - 440 lbs.)
  • Diet: Omnivore. Can smell food over 1 km away.
  • Young: 1 to 3 cubs, born in January/February. Cubs remain with mother for a full year.
  • Average Life Span: 12 Years
  • Activity Pattern: Nocturnal; hibernate in winter
  • Shuffling walk but are excellent swimmers and can sprint short distances at speeds up to 56 km/h.
  • Prefer wooded areas and swamps but will readily approach settled areas for easy access to food sources such as garbage, agricultural crops and bee hives.
  • Nova Scotia is a small province with few large wild areas. There's no empty space (habitat) to send a captured bear because other bears live there.
  • As bears get older, they select a particular area in which to live which they are reluctant to leave.
  • Most problem bears are young animals that are out on their own for the first time.
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