Black Bears Live Near You - I spotted a bear

I've spotted a black bear on my property. What do I do?

  1. Check the table to see if you have items on your property that could be attracting bears. Take the action listed in the table.
  2. Talk to your neighbours about working together to eliminate bear attractants.
  3. Call your local Department of Natural Resources and Renewables office
    After hours call 1-800-565-2224.

As a last resort NR&R may set a live trap, however, a trap isn't always the solution because:

  • there is no guarantee that a live trap will catch the bear
  • even when a trapped bear is released a distance away, it will often find its way back to the place where it was captured.

When a bear becomes dependent on people for food, NR&R staff may have no other choice than to kill it.

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