Co-operative Education Students

Pie ChartMany Co-operative Education students who attend a Nova Scotia school are now eligible for Student Assistance funding while they are on a co-op work term. Co-op students can now also maintain their interest-free, payment-free status while they are on a work term.

As a co-op student, you are alternating work-terms and study-terms. This means that your expenses are likely changing term-by-term. For some work terms, you may
not need Student Assistance funding at all.

To make Student Assistance work for you, after Year One of your program you should apply term-by-term. This means that after Year One (i.e. after you've completed two study-terms):

  • You must apply for student assistance each term, for only that term.
  • Once you’ve been assessed each term, you must also submit a pre-study report at the start of each of these terms.
  • Your application cycle is much shorter (every term) so you should be very careful to monitor your application and meet these shorter deadlines.