Loan Repayment Strategy

A loan repayment strategy is a written document created by a school that details:

  • How that school provides student loan information to its students
  • Which specific resources or efforts are being provided to students to help them complete and graduate from their program
  • When those resources and information are being provided.
  Click to download:  PDF version of NS Loan Repayment Strategy Guide

The goal of a loan repayment strategy is to help students meet their student loan responsibilities, to empower them to successfully manage their loans through regular payments or government repayment assistance programs, and to support students to successfully complete their program. 

The NS Loan Repayment Strategy Guide contains much more information about creating this document and how it fits within Designation Policy Framework.

How Nova Scotia Student Assistance can help you

To support successful borrowing and loan repayment, our office has a variety of outreach resources that focus on helping students make informed decisions about borrowing money to pay for school and repaying their loans.