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The Nova Scotia Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) Portal is a web-based tool that post-secondary schools use to confirm the full-time enrollment of Nova Scotia students.

The portal is used to support your students who attend your school with the the help of Nova Scotia Loans and Grants and/or Canada Student Loans and Grants.

Use of this portal is required for all Nova Scotian and Canadian schools who want to accept Nova Scotia students who use Student Assistance funding. Use of the portal is optional for schools outside Canada.

Students from Nova Scotia do not need a paper document to have their enrollment confirmed at their school. Any designated school can confirm the enrollment of any student from Nova Scotia by using the CoE portal.

Using the CoE Portal

  • All designated Nova Scotia and Canadian schools are added to the Nova Scotia Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment Portal. International schools can choose to be added as Portal users.
  • Individual authorized users at the school are added to the portal. They receive log-in information and permission to use the portal on behalf of their school.
  • Users log in to the portal to confirm the enrollment of Nova Scotia students at their school. The user also indicates whether they wish to divert some of the student's funding to the school, to pay for fees or tuition that the student owes to the school.
  • The remainder of the student's funding is then deposited in to the student’s personal bank account.
  • Schools can also confirm students have graduated on the portal.
  • Please refer to the “Portal User Manual” for more information
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