Returning Students: What you need to know

If you will need full-time Student Assistance funding, you must re-apply again each academic year (study period).

Every student uses the same application for full-time study. If it’s been a while since you’ve applied, the First-Time Application section has a detailed, step-by-step guide.

Welcome Back!

What's new with you?

Before you re-apply, check the list below to see whether anything has changed for you this year.

What's New?

What to do!

Address/Contact Info? Let us know asap so you don't miss important information about your file, or login to My PATH to update your account.
New program/school?

Here are some things you should know.

New Live-In Relationship?

Live-In Relationship Ended?

Had a child?

Got a legal guardian?

Your student status may have changed, which could affect your funding amounts.
Co-op work term this year

You may have to apply differently. Start here.

Started receiving:

-Income Assistance?
-Employment Insurance?

Developed a disability?

Read up on these topics and how they might affect your funding this year.

Studying Part-Time? Are you considering studying part-time? Student Assistance for part-time studies was significantly improved in January 2012.
Entering 2nd year of school? If last year was your first year at university or college, your pre-study period may be longer or shorter this year, which might make your contribution larger or smaller.

While you plan your summer spending, check how your pre-study period will be calculated this year.
Entering year 5 (of 4) or
Year 3 (of 2) ?
You may want to read more about the maximum number of funded weeks if you are are taking extra time to complete your program.
Other changes to my profile as a student? There may be other topics and changes that affect your funding amounts this year.


Applying WITH a Program / School Change

  • If your school or program has changed, or you're starting a new program, you should just apply as usual, but use the information that reflects your school plans for this coming year. Don't worry about notifying us some other way; just apply with the new, correct information.
  • You may want to learn more about the maximum number of weeks or maximum number of programs that can be funded with Student Assistance.