Get it in on time:

After the Application is Submitted


Your Assessment

4-6 weeks after your submit your online application and income tax consent form, your assessment will be visible online inside MyPATH. We'll email you once it's ready to view.

Log in to MyPATH, click on your application and view "Check Status" to see your Assessment details.Your assessment details whether you quality for Assistance, which loans or grants you are eligible to receive, and in which amounts. The Assessment also includes an overview of how we calculated your resources and expenses, and ultimately your financial need.

While you're there, check to see whether you have any tasks to complete or documentation to submit to us.

If you qualify for Assistance:

  • If it's your first time applying, or if you haven't applied since 2011, your task section will have a Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement for you to download and submit.This item requires immediate action! As soon as you complete it, bring your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) to a designated Canada Post outlet.
  • If you've already signed an MSFAA, you will not recieve another one. The Agreement you've already signed remains valid as long as you're in school, unless you leave your studies for an extended period.
  • Your tentative Assistance amounts for federal and provincial loans plus any grants are listed on your assessment.
  • Check your assessment carefully. Make sure that your school, program details, number of weeks of study, etc. are correct. If not, let us know immediately. You can not receive funds until your file with us matches your course registration at your school.
  • Complete and submit all our requests for forms or information. These appear in your task list, inside MyPATH, until they're completed. .
  • Contact us immediately to report any changes or errors (school or program, address, change in family income, etc.)

If you do not qualify for (enough) Assistance:

The next step is to Get Money. Here's how...