Get money

Your assessment will be ready to view on MyPATH within two weeks of submitting your application and Tax Consent Form (which gives us consent to obtain your income tax information). We can't assess your application until the Tax Consent Form is received and processed.

When your MyPATH account is updated, we will email you. Be sure to check your spam folder as well.

After your assessment is available on My PATH you will need to complete a few steps to receive your money without delay.


Funding deposits and to-do list

Right now

Monitor MyPATH and keep your information updated

Check MyPATH often and be sure you complete any action items, including submitting your master student financial assistance agreement (MSFAA), if applicable. Keep your address and other contact information up to date.

If your school is requesting a deposit or tuition payment now, contact their finance office to see if they will wait until your student assistance funding is released.

If your program, number of courses, bursary, scholarship or other funding changes, let us know as soon as possible. You cannot receive any funding until the school's record matches ours. Complete a Change of Information form and upload it to MyPATH.

Ensure that your bank account information is updated, if necessary, at Resolve and the National Student Loan Service Centre.
Just before classes

Confirmation of enrollment

Your school will confirm that you are enrolled and provide us with your updated tuition costs.

Your school also advises us how much, if any, of your Student Assistance funding is owed to them for tuition and fees. They will receive this amount directly from us. Note that tuition and fees are set by each school; you can contact your school for more information.
When classes start

Pre-study report

If required, you will complete and submit your Pre-Study Report on MyPATH. This function is not available to you until classes start (when your pre-study period has ended). You could also be asked to submit or update your bank account information for your Nova Scotia Loan and Grant deposit.
6-10 days after release date (see MyPATH)*

Funding release: Canada Student Loan and Grant

The Canada Student Loan and Grant portion of your Student Assistance funding is paid to your school and/or deposited directly to the bank account you provided when you completed your MSFAA.

During your first term

Your remaining tentative assistance amounts, if any, are finalized later in the term using your Pre-Study Report. You cannot receive Nova Scotia Loan and Grant funding without submitting a Pre-Study Report.

Remember to update us if your second term courses or program change, or if you withdraw from your studies. 

Halfway through your study period

Funding release: Nova Scotia Student Loan and Grant

Late in your first term, your school will confirm your enrollment and fees for second term, if applicable.

If you are eligible, you will receive additional funds paid to your school and/or deposited to your bank account 5 to 10 business days after the halfway point in your program, or the release date shown in MyPATH.



* If you haven't received your funding within 10 business days of your release date call the National Student Loan Service Centre at 1-888-815-4514 (toll-free in North America).