Get Ready

Planning ahead during your Graduating Year.

Here are the things you can do to prepare in advance so you're all set to apply as soon as the Full-Time Application opens in early May.

Step One is to get ready

Being ready now means fewer delays later that could result in you not having your funding as soon as school starts.

Applying in 12 months

Applying in 6 months

Applying in 3 months

  • Make sure you have a bank account in your own name.
  • Start gathering the documents you'll need or prepare to submit them when/if you are requested to do so:
    • Bank account info (transit #, account #, a void cheque)
    • Information about any investments/RESPs in your name
    • Custody/Separation/Divorce agreements or other court records to validate your marital status/custody situation and any exceptional expenses related to your own children (dependants).
    • Documents that show you have a disability.
    • Your and your parents'/step-parents'/spouse's income tax return information, from last year's Revenue Canada tax returns.
    • Information about your school program, including how many class hours/credits you'll be taking.
    • Scholarship information/amounts, if you know them.
    • An estimate of your expected pre-study period and study-period earnings.
    • Documents to validate any other sources of funding you will receive while studying (government pensions/support payments, any disability income, Employment Insurance benefits, retraining program funding, spousal/child support payments, etc.

The next step is to Get Started with your application.