Starting Repayment:

Your options & What happens next

Six months after you leave school, you start paying on your Nova Scotia Student Loans and your Canda Student Loans. Before your six months is up, you will be contacted by the National Student Loan Service Centre and Resolve. They will describe your repayment schedule and you may have repayment options to choose from. For example, how long you take to repay your loans is up to you, to a maximum of 9.5 years.

  • Respond to these as directed to start repayment on schedule.
  • If you are in danger of defaulting on your loan, please contact Resolve. Defaulting on your loans can have serious, longterm consequences. We have Repayment Assistance Plans to help you until you can afford to make regular payments again.
  • If you have been told you're in default, or due to begin repayment, but you are still in school, you may need to take action to reinstate your Interest-Free Status.

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