Students can now access their personal loan and grant information more quickly and easily – and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Our new, greener, online student portal – My PATH (Personal Assistance Tracking & History) – lets students view their assessment online without having to wait for that “big envelope” to arrive in the mail. Students can log on from anywhere, at any time, using the same login information they always used . . . and have full access to the assessment information in their file.

My PATH will also significantly cut down the amount of mailing and paper- tracking currently taking place in the office. Until this year, a new envelope was sent out each time a student’s assessment was updated. My PATH will replace about 250,000 paper pages and 60,000 envelopes that we’ve been sending to students each year, reducing our carbon footprint significantly. This also cuts down the delay as students wait for their assessment, especially for students studying out of the country. This is a huge step toward putting all parts of the Student Assistance application process online.

Students can now:

  • Compare their loan information year by year or assessment by assessment
  • See a running total of their loan borrowing to date
  • Keep track of their loan status all in one place
  • More easily make responsible financial decisions around spending and repayment
  • Update their own personal information and download all required forms for the application process through My PATH
  • Submit secure inquiries to an expert through the “Ask Us Questions” section of the portal
  • View a breakdown of their funding by source and loan or grant
  • Receive emailed notifications about new information for them online, and log in to view it immediately

We are confident that these features of our new student-friendly portal will allow us to become better connected with our students, while ensuring they can access the information they need - easily and efficiently