Information for Non-resident Hunters

To hunt in Nova Scotia non-resident hunters (see Definition Resident/Nonresident ) require:
  • either; proof of having taken a sanctioned Hunter Education course in their normal province or state of residence or,a valid Hunting licence issued in the last 5 years, or a valid Nova Scotia Non-Resident Wildlife Resources Card (see
  • valid Nova Scotia Non-resident Hunting Licence
  • Wildlife Habitat Stamp (acquired at time of purchase of Hunting Licence)
  • Licenced Guide or a resident (over 19) who has obtained a Special Permit to Guide.
  • any federal permits or licences applicable to carrying a firearm and or to pursue federally regulated wildlife. People travelling to Nova Scotia from outside of Canada must also meet the requirements under the Canadian Firearms legislation.

Open seasons for big game generally run from late October to end of November. Upland game seasons extend October through December. For specific Seasons and Bag limits be sure to check the Summary of Regulations.

Most types of hunting licenses can be purchased from vendors through out the province. Some licences are available only through Natural resources offices. See Licences and fees section of the Summary of Regulations.

Mandatory Deer Registration
If you harvest a deer you must present it for registration at the nearest Deer Registration Station within 24 hours of killing it; or within 24 hours of leaving the hunting camp you were occupying when you killed the deer. For complete details check the Summary of Regulations.

Your non-resident Deer Hunting License (upon proof of registration), Bear Hunting License or non-resident small game license serves as your export permit for the game legally taken under that licence. Anyone exporting bears or bear parts requires a CITIES Export Permit (Convention of International trade of Endangered Species). Check the Summary of Regulations.

Definition - Non Resident /Resident

A "non-resident" means any person who is not a resident.

"Resident", at any time, means a person permanently or ordinarily resident in the Province for the two months immediately preceding that time, and includes:

  1. an officer of the diplomatic or consular service of a foreign country stationed within the Province,
  2. a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Canadian Armed Forces stationed or born in the Province,
  3. a person born in the Province and the owner of real property in the Province;