Requirements to Hunt in Nova Scotia

Resident Hunters

Resident Hunters (see Definition below ) require:
  • Nova Scotia Wildlife Resources Client Card
  • Valid Nova Scotia Hunting Licence
  • Wildlife Habitat Stamp (acquired at time of purchase of hunting Licence)
  • any Federal permits or licences applicable to carrying a firearm and or to persue federally regulated wildlife.

First Time Hunters
In Nova Scotia, all first time hunters who intend on hunting with a firearm must be trained in firearm safety and hunter education and if hunting with a bow, have received bowhunter education. The Hunter Education Program in the four Atlantic Provinces is delivered in two parts:

The Canadian Firearms Safety (Long Gun) Course
The Canadian Firearms Safety Course is provided by the Department of Justice and is delivered through Hnatiuk's Hunting and Fishing Limited.. The course includes instruction in safe firearm handling. Students must complete a practical test and a written test; pass mark is 80%.

Atlantic Provinces Hunter Education Course
The Atlantic Provinces Hunter Education Course is taken following successful completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

The Atlantic Provinces Hunter Education Course in Nova Scotia is provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry through the Hnatiuk's Hunting and Fishing Limited.

Courses are offered based on student demand and instructor availability. Students complete a written test; pass mark is 80%. To find out when and where the Hunter Education Course will be held, click here.

Please Note:

Upon completion of the training, participants are eligible to apply for a Wildlife Resources Client Card which is required to purchase a Hunting License.

Persons under age 18 who wish to hunt with a firearm also require a Minor's Firearm License. For more information on the Federal Minors Firearms License, call 1-800-731-4000 (Ext. 6505) or (902) 424-6689.

"Resident", at any time, means a person permanently or ordinarily resident in the Province for the two months immediately preceding that time, and includes:

  1. an officer of the diplomatic or consular service of a foreign country stationed within the Province,
  2. a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Canadian Armed Forces stationed or born in the Province,
  3. a person born in the Province and the owner of real property in the Province;