Hunting Licences/Stamps: Vendor Availability

Recreational hunting licences are available for purchase at Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Offices and retail vendors across the province. 

To find your local Department of Natural Resources and Renewables Office, click here.

To determine what hunting licences are sold by a vendor in your area, visit the Hunting and Fishing License Sellers dataset on the Government Open Data website, and sort for or search for vendors by county.

Important Notes:

  1. Wildlife Habitat stamps are sold by all vendors and NR&R offices.
  2. Furharvester, Bear Snaring, Nuisance Wildlife Operator licences as well as Special Permits to Guide, Raccoon Dog Night Training/Hunting permits and Black Bear Gallbladder seals are only available at NR&R offices. 
  3. Fur Buyer, Hide Dealer, Taxidermist, Guide, and Pheasant Preserve Operator licences are only available at Service Nova Scotia.

Refer to your NS Hunting & Furharvesting Summary of Regulations for more information.