Sunday Hunting

Sunday hunting — permitted on Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 — has ended for the 2015 hunting season.

trio of hunters The Department of Natural Resources and Renewables is lifting the ban on Sunday hunting for the first two Sundays of general deer hunting season. This change will apply to all wildlife in season on those dates except moose.

In 2015, this means that Sunday hunting will be allowed on November 1st and November 8th.

Tips for Enjoying Nova Scotia’s Forests this Fall (PDF)

Public and Stakeholder Consultation

Over the past number of months, NR&R has engaged in various consultations around Sunday hunting. These consultations have included meetings with stakeholders as well as a 60-day public consultation held between February 13 - April 10.

Results of the Public consultation are available here.
Sunday Hunting in Nova Scotia Public Consultation Report (PDF)

Les résultats de la consultation peuvent être consultés ici :
Rapport de la consultation publique sur la chasse le dimanche en Nouvelle-Écosse (PDF)

Hunting Safety

Public safety and the safe enjoyment of the outdoors for all users is a priority for the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables.

Hunters must complete both Canadian Firearms Safety (for hunters who use firearms) and Hunter Education courses where hunters learn and practice safe firearm, bow, and crossbow handling and hunter ethics. Strong penalties for safety violations are in place and these laws are enforced by Enforcement Officers. In Nova Scotia, except for a few exceptions, hunters must wear hunter orange.