2022 Trail Camera Survey Data Sheet

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Survey Information:
Start Date: Survey dates must be between September 1 and December 10
End Date:
Number of cameras used: If you have more than 1 camera set up, how far apart are they? 1 camera per 100 acres is a general rule (at the center of a 100 acre block), if beyond a 100 acre block – consider this to be a different survey site.
Distance between cameras: metres
Estimated area of coverage: acres
General Location:
Deer Management Zone:
See zone map. You must choose a zone before you can choose a county.
Detailed Location:
Nearest Community: Please give as much location detail as possible. GPS location is option.  All location data will be kept confidential.
GPS Coordinates:
White-tailed Deer Photographed:
Minimum # of:
Help on Counting Deer  
Black Bear Photographed:
Minimum # of:
Help on Counting Black Bears   
Cubs with Sows:
Sows with Cubs:
Yearlings with Sows:
Sows with Yearlings:
Would you be willing to provide camera results from other times of the year?
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Note: Information collected on this form will not be used for any purpose other than for data analysis and to contact you if you are the successful prize winner.  By submitting your photographs, you are consenting to your name and photo being published on the Department of Natural Resources website and the “Summary of Regulations” booklet.