Wildlife Resources Cards

Renewal Notice (Effective June 1, 2018)

The Department of Lands and Forestry , in partnership with Service Nova Scotia (SNS) and Fisheries and Aquaculture (DFA), continue to make Important strides towards an electronic fish/wildlife licensing and client services solution. Electronic licensing is about applying the culture, process, business models and technologies of the internet era to existing services to better align with the raised expectations of the digital world and to better meet Nova Scotia’s current and future wildlife resource user and overall wildlife management needs. 

To bridge the gap between the current licensing model and the future electronic licensing system, the expiry date of all existing Wildlife Resources Cards (WRC) is being extended. Your Wildlife Resources Card will continue to be valid, until the new system is operational, regardless of the expiry date printed on the front. You are not required to renew your Wildlife Resources Card.

What Do I Need To Do?

  1. Keep your existing Wildlife Resources Card (regardless of the printed expiry date) and carry it with you when engaged in hunting/trapping activities.
  2. Confirm that the contact information associated with your Wildlife Resources Card is accurate and update, if necessary. Confirm and/or update your address, phone # and email address in one of three ways:
    1. Online by clicking here or;
    2. By Calling 1-888-896-1207 or;
    3. By Calling your local DNR Office

Updating your contact information helps to ensure that there is no interruption to your Wildlife Resources Card when purchasing licences, applying to the moose or antlerless deer hunting draw, booking a shooting range, registering for courses, and submitting hunter activity reports.

What If My Wildlife Resources Card is Lost/Damaged?

Replacement Wildlife Resources Cards (WRC) are available for order for clients who have lost their existing Wildlife Resources Card or have a card that is damaged or difficult to read because the text is wearing off. Replacements are available for order, at current rates, online or via phone. Ordering information is available at: https://novascotia.ca/natr/hunt/ in the Wildlife Resources Card, “Order a Wildlife Resources Card” section.

Hunting outside of Nova Scotia?

This renewal notice has been provided to all Canadian provincial/territorial wildlife management agencies. If you plan to hunt/trap in another jurisdiction and are concerned about the validity of your Wildlife Resources Card, you can print a copy of this renewal notice to bring with you. It’s available for download/print by clicking here.

Additional Information

Any first time Wildlife Resources Cards or replacement Wildlife Resources Cards isued after June 1, 2018 will be printed with a blank expiry date.