Wildlife Resources Cards: Renewal Notice

Renewal Information

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), in partnership with Service Nova Scotia, continues to progress towards implementing a fully automated electronic licensing and client services system in Nova Scotia.  The intent is to better and more conveniently meet the future needs of all of Nova Scotia’s current and future wildlife resource users for licensing, harvest reporting, limited entry draws (moose and deer), harvester training, and other services. 

In an effort to avoid potentially unnecessary expense to wildlife resources users and to the Department, Wildlife Resources Cards (WRC) do not have to be renewed at this time.  As of April 7, 2015 the Department of Natural Resources has extended the validity of existing WRCs to December 31, 2018. Existing WRC cards will remain valid at least until the new system is fully operational.

What Does This Mean To Me?

If you currently hold a Wildlife Resources Card, regardless of what expiry date is shown on the card, it will remain valid until at least December 31, 2018. You are not required to renew your WRC at this time and no renewal cards are being produced.

In order to continue purchasing licences and applying for limited-entry hunt draws (eg. moose and antlerless deer), you must retain your current Wildlife Resources Card, regardless of the printed expiry date.  You are also required to carry your WRC with you while engaged in hunting and/or trapping activities in the province.

To ensure that there is no interruption in services using your WRC (ie: generating a PIN, submitting harvest reports, registering for courses, etc), WRC holders with any changes to phone number, email address, civic or mailing address (including postal code) are encouraged to update their information:

  1. Online by clicking here or;
  2. By Calling 1-888-896-1207 or;
  3. By Calling your local DNR Office

Card holders who prefer to have a new expiry date printed on their card may order a new card, at current rates + HST either online at: https://novascotia.ca/natr/hunt/ or by calling 1-900-565-7418.  In such cases, the new expiry date will be five years from date of issue.

This renewal notice has been provided to all Canadian provincial/territorial wildlife management agencies.  If you are planning a hunting/trapping trip in another province, however, and are concerned about the validity of your Wildlife Resources Card, you can print this renewal information as proof that your Wildlife Resources Card and associated certifications will remain valid until December 31, 2018. To print,click here.

What If I Already Renewed My Wildlife Resources Card?

If you submitted a request to renew your Wildlife Resources Card prior to April 7, 2015, a new Wildlife Resources Card has already been processed.  It will be valid for five years from the date of issue. If you have any further questions regarding your Wildlife Resources Card expiry date, contact your local DNR office or email DNR-WRCADMIN@novascotia.ca

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