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North Riverside
Civic Address of Range: 1593 North Riverside Road
Location Description: 8.0 km from Area Office
Lat/ Long Coordinates: N 45° 27' 36.3" W 061° 33' 07.4"
UTM Coordinates: 20T E 613202 N 5035090
Office: Guysborough
Phone #: 902-533-3503
County: Guysborough
Local Directives/ Notices:

The road to the Shooting Range is not plowed during the winter months.

The North Riverside Shooting Range has a locked gate.  When booking this range, you must first come to the local Natural Resources and Renewables office at 11210 Highway 16, Riverside, NS to pick up the key.

Because a key is required, the range is only available 9 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday during regular business hours. The range is closed on government holidays.

This range is approved for non-restricted centerfire rifles / carbines in the caliber templates 22LR, ,22 and .308;  shotgun use only for slug and sabot type ammunition;  and muzzle loading black powder rifle.

Handguns are not permitted at this range.

Note: Shooting is only permitted from the operator installed shooting bench.



Before booking the range and visiting the range you must review the range Safety Rules and Operating Instructions. Click on the link to view. Click on the link to view.

By selecting the “Create Booking” button, you confirm that you have read and understand the Safety Rules, Operating Instructions for the North Riverside Shooting Range.

Range Rules and Code of Conduct (for all provincial ranges):
1 Open the 'Range in Use' sign at entrance before using the range.
2 Raise the red warning flags to show the range is active.
3 Stay well behind the front or side of the firing line when firing is taking place.
4 Keep the action of your firearm open, except when in use on the range.
5 Keep firearm muzzle pointed down range towards target at all times.
6 Keep all ammunition under control.
7 Place targets off the range floor as near the backstop as possible.
8 Place targets before you approach the firing points with a firearm.
9 Use paper, cardboard, or soft plastic targets only.
10 Explosive targets are prohibited.
11 Load firearm only when all has been made ready for firing to commence.
12 Load only one cartridge at a time into the firearm.
13 Confirm that others are safely behind the firing line before you aim.
14 Before moving to the target or from the firing line:
  • unload and render the firearm safe;
  • leave the breach open and firearm down, and
  • BE SURE it is safe to proceed!
15 Clean range of all debris before leaving. Ensure all expended cartridge are collected.
16 If you are the last to leave, lower the red warning flags and close the range in use sign.
17 You must book range time through the Department of Natural Resources.
18 Unauthorized use of the range is not permitted. Book online or through your local DNR Office.
19 You must be 18 or over to book range time.
20 Anyone 17 or younger must be under the immediate supervision of a responsible adult.
21 You must follow the range officer's instructions, if one is present.
22 You must wear eye and hearing protection at all times while using the range.
23 You must follow the range safety procedures.
24 You must clean up after yourself - pick up all debris and expended cartridges.
25 Gun clubs must obtain a Shooting Range Group Permit from DNR to use department ranges.
26 You must NOT be under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or drugs while on range property.
27 You must NOT use unsafe or hazardous arms or ammunition.
28 Tracer, armour piercing, and explosive bullet types are prohibited.
29 You must NOT use metal, glass, or other unsafe targets. Explosive targets are prohibited.
30 You must NOT load or point your firearm behind the firing line.
31 You must NOT dry fire your weapon.
32 You must NOT talk to or distract a shooter, unless you are a coach or range officer.
33 Park vehicles in the designated parking area at a safe distance to the rear of the firing line.
34 Use this range at your own risk.
35 In case of EMERGENCY call 911.