Harvesting Hurricane Juan Damage and the Wildlife Habitat Watercourse Protection Regulations


Abridged from: Bulletin 16- Department of Natural Resources Manual of Operations


a. The boundary of the hurricane damage track for this bulletin is the area covered by the map sheets in the Hurricane Juan Preliminary Assessment web site: http://gis4.natr.gov.ns.ca/website/juan/

b. When the Regulations were drafted, it was felt blow down due to wind storms was acceptable and would not compromise the functions of the special management zones. However, damage as a result of hurricane Juan far exceeded the amount anticipated in regular blow down. There has been significant damage beside watercourses both in special management zones created before the hurricane and in intact forest where there has been no recent harvest.

c. The Minister has authorized the harvest of uprooted trees in previously established special management zones and along watercourses within hurricane salvage harvests.

1. The department will allow the harvest of uprooted and broken-off trees that have little or no chance of survival.

i. In these situations the basal area of the remaining living trees may be less than the twenty square metres required in the Regulations.

ii. During this salvage operation, the operators must adhere to all other provisions of the Regulations and leave some trunks and/or large branches as coarse woody debris.


a. Legacy Clumps

1. The salvage of preexisting legacy clumps from hurricane damaged areas is not allowed.

2. Where clumps were not established before the hurricane, there may be limited possibilities for legacy clumps if the hurricane left too few trees standing.

1. Operators are encouraged to leave any clumps of trees that are still standing to provide legacies to the best of the operator’s ability.

b. Wildlife Travel Corridors

1. The harvest of hurricane damaged trees in wildlife corridors is allowed.

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