Images of Hurricane Juan's Aftermath

Below is a selection of images collected by DNR staff while evaluating the aftermath of Juan. Click on each of the images to see a larger version.
Privately held woodland  Several private woodlots received heavy damage. Many prized and award-winning stands were extensively damaged. Some owners were able to begin salvage operation right away, others will have to rely on contractors.

Photo: D. Cameron, NSDNR
Storm damage adjacent to subdivision Not far from Truro, this blowdown knocked down most of a greenbelt between a small forest operation and neighbouring subdivision.

Photo: A. Anderson -NSDNR
Salvage/harvesting operation near Debert Extensive blowdown near Debert meant salvage harvesting by mechanical harvesters. Here two machines, a feller buncher and a single-grip harvester work in tandem to process the downed trees.

Photo: T.E. O'Brien -NSDNR
McNabs Island McNabs Island recorded windspeeds in excess of 150 km/hr with gusts over 170km/hr. Extensive areas of woodlands, beaches and structures were damaged.

Photo: R. Guscott -NSDNR
Heron Colony on South End of Lawlors Island

The south end of Lawlors Island was home to a well established heron colony. It is now pretty much flattened.

Photo: R. Guscott -NSDNR

Point Pleasant Park - HRM

Headlands and slopes with southern exposure bore much of the brunt of the wind storm. Point Pleasant Park in HRM was no exception.

Photo: R. Guscott -NSDNR

Root Pan

Further inland, the McCurdy Woodlot, part of the Natural Resources Education Centre in Middle Musquodoboit had substantial damage to it demonstration woodlot and interpretive trails.

Photo: T. Whynot NSDNR

Broken Trees west of Musquodoboit River
uprooted trees

Several managed forest stands on Crown lands were hit hard. This recent merchantable thinning in central Halifax County was nearly flattened.

Photos: R. Tattrie, NSDNR

Oakfield Provincial Park

Provincial Parks were not spared either. Here, at Oakfield, the trees on this point were flattened as if stepped upon. Due to safety concerns all Provincial Parks were closed for the remainder of the season. More images from Provincial Parks ...

Photo: H. Carroll, NSDNR

Large area relatively little Damage Some areas escaped severe damage. This area of forest were left relatively unscathed. Only a small portion of a merchantable thinning in the lower right corner was affected by the storm.

Photo: T.E.O'Brien, NSDNR
Barn destroyed east of Truro

Several barns, buildings and other farm structures were damaged or destroyed as the storm pushed is way up through the center of the Province.

Photo: T.E.O'Brien, NSDNR