Damage and Clean Up Efforts at Porters Lake Provincial Park

Hurricane Juan has opened up a whole new chapter for camping opportunities at Porters Lake Provincial Park.

The images below show that although much of the mature/overmature softwood cover of the campground has been removed, most of the hardwoods and the younger softwoods were saved, especially along the lake shore.

Porters Lake Provincial Park will continue to provide a great outdoor experience for visitors. Campsites previously enclosed by the softwoods will be more open and provide a better appreciation for the surrounding lake. Roadways and sites once narrowed by encroaching branches will now allow RV travelers easier access. The central hill that separates the main loops of the campground still provides a natural barrier and once the remaining vegetation "leafs out" this summer, campers will still be able to enjoy a sense of isolation from the remainder of the campground.

When the vegetation clean up is completed the Department will move into the planning phase where campsite enhancement and shoreline views will be key elements for planners to consider in the restoration of the park.


Soon after the storm, efforts began to assess the damage and determine a course of action. The once predominantly spruce/fir woodlands on the peninsula and island were in one way or another affected by the strong winds.

While many areas were not completely flattened, it appears the root systems of the remaining trees were damaged making the threat of collapse imminent.

Most of the mature softwood trees were damaged, broken , twisted, uprooted, or leaning.

Clean Up Efforts

The contract to clean up the facility and salvage the wood was awarded in mid-February only to be briefly interrupted by the " white Juan" blizzard. Efforts continue to get the park ready for the coming season and it is anticipated that camping will be provided when the park reopens as scheduled May 21. However all sites and services may not be available.