Sustainable Forestry Fund

The Forest Sustainability Regulations require Registered Buyers provide for silviculture on Nova Scotia forest land in proportion to the value of primary forest products they acquire in a year.

Section 19(A) of the Forest Act makes provisions for a Sustainable Forestry Fund as a method which Registered Buyers can satisfy their silviculture requirements under the Forest Sustainability Regulations

A Registered Buyer who requires a Wood Acquisition Plan has 3 options to meet their silviculture requirements . These options are:
- undertake their own silviculture program
- make a cash contribution to the Sustainable Forestry Fund
- a combination of both

To date the majority of Registered Buyers have opted to undertake their own silviculture programs. Registered Buyers cash contributions to the fund have historically been minimal.

Amounts contributed to the fund by Registered Buyers can be found in the Registry of Buyers Annual Reports under the Wood Acquisition Plan section by following this link...