2012 Youth Hunting Camp Photos

History was made on February 15 and 16, 2011, when the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables held its first Youth Hunting Camp at its rustic Chaswood lodge, located just outside of Middle Musquodoboit. Eleven boys and two girls between the ages of 12 and 15 from across Nova Scotia participated in the two-day, overnight event. This camp was designed to encourage youth back into the woods to participate in traditional outdoor activities.

The students learned about snowshoe hare (commonly referred to as rabbits) habitat requirements, how to make a rabbit snare, setting/checking rabbit snares, dispatching and cleaning rabbits, making a survival kit, basic compass and GPS useage, building an outdoor fire and outdoor cooking skills.

With the assistance of the Bowhunters Association of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Association of Crossbow Hunters and the Bowhunter Instructors Association of Nova Scotia, students enjoyed an afternoon at the local rifle range where they shot long bows, crossbows and .22 rifles. Even though temperatures plummeted to -26°C with only a wood stove for warmth, there was no complaining from the students. Each student left a little more tired and cold than on arrival, but all had a smile firmly planted on their faces.

  2011 Photos from Chaswood - Click one photo for gallery view