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The Biodiversity Program is responsible, in partnership with other governments, industry, non-government organizations, and the public, for the conservation and sustainable use of a large number of species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles in the province. Organisms, including plants, fish, insects and other invertebrates are also considered within the program. These include species that are Species at Risk (endangered or threatened species).

Giant Hogweed — An Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Nova Scotia

Giant HogweedGiant hogweed is a perennial member of the Carrot family originally from Asia. It was introduced as a garden plant in Nova Scotia and has the potential to readily spread from gardens along roadsides, ditches and streams invading native habitats. Giant hogweed closely resembles our native cow parsnip which is in the same family. Its size makes it a distinctive plant, growing up to over 5 meters tall at maturity under ideal conditions. The clear watery sap of giant hogweed contains irritating sap that can cause severe dermatitis. Ultraviolet radiation activates compounds in the sap resulting in severe burns when exposed to the sun.

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