Recovery Teams

Recovery teams are the focal group that work cooperatively toward the recovery of a species and advise the Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables regarding the recovery of species at risk.  Members are appointed to recovery teams by the Minister based on the skill and knowledge of the individual as it relates to recovery of species.

As part of our efforts to renew our species-at-risk recovery programs, Nova Scotia is creating new Recovery Teams for listed species.  New teams may be appointed for single species, or for multiple species in cases where the similarities in taxon, biology, threats or ecology create opportunities for better coordination, knowledge exchange and efficiency.

The following are Recovery Teams and members currently appointed as of April 15, 2019:

Reptiles and Amphibians:

  • Dr. Tom Herman
  • Dr. Stephen Mockford
  • Shalan Joudry
  • Jennifer McNeil 
  • Andrew Hebda
  • Dr. Matthew Smith

Black Ash:

  • Ron Neville
  • Kathy St. Laurent
  • Anthony King
  • Hannah Martin
  • Alain Belliveau
  • Dr. Donna Hurlburt 
  • Dr. Matthew Smith 
  • Sara O'Neil


  • Brad Toms
  • Julie McKnight
  • Dr. Sean Haughian
  • Rob Cameron
  • Dr. David Richardson
  • Tom Neily


  • Dr. Tara Imlay
  • James Churchill
  • Dr. Lisa Doucette
  • Dr. Laura McFarlane-Tranquilla
  • Dr. John Brazner
  • Kathy St. Laurent

Atlantic Coastal Plains Flora:

  • Alain Belliveau
  • David Mazerolle
  • Sean Blaney
  • Julie McKnight
  • Dr. Matthew Smith


  • Calum Ewing
  • Dan Kehler
  • John Klymko
  • Dr. Paul Manning
  • Dr. David McCorquodale
  • Dr. Celia Boone


  • Terry Power
  • Andrew Hebda
  • Dr. Graham Forbes
  • Dr. Don Stewart
  • Michael O’Brien

Piping Plover:

  • Laura Bartlett
  • Jen Rock
  • Sarah Spencer
  • Darien Ure


  • Kellie White
  • Dr. Shannon Sterling
  • Kim Robichaud-Leblanc
  • Dr. Linda Campbell
  • Shanna Fredericks

Nova Scotia Mainland Moose:

  • Dr. Karen Beazley
  • Dr. Scott McBurney
  • Randy Milton
  • Dr. Joe Nocera
  • Jason Power


  • Alain Belliveau
  • Sean Blaney
  • Dr. Nick Hill
  • Dr. Donna Hurlburt
  • Dr. Jeremy Lundholm
  • David Mazerolle

Roseate Tern:

  • Alix d’Entremont
  • Dr. Shawn Craik
  • Julie McKnight
  • Dan Kehler
  • Ted d’Eon